SCA Foreclosure Litigation

A-15-720032.          Jimijack Irrevocable Trust v. BANA, N.A. & SCACAI, 
A-14-707237-CLN Management LLC series Pine Prairie v. Deutsche Bank
A-15-711883-C My Global Village LLC v BAC Home Servicing
A-15-724233-CTRP Fund IV LLC v Bank of Mellon et al
A-14-702071 Citi-mortgage, Inc v. SCA, (SCA paid $55K to settle in 2017)
2:17-cv-1800-JAD-GWFFNMA v SCACAI
2:17-cv-02161-APG-PALBank of NY Mellon v. SCACAI
A-16-735894-CTRP FUND IV v. HSBC Bank

2227 Shadow Canyon

2227 Shadow Canyon is in Sun City Anthem

Neither SCA nor RRFS were named as defendants.

Nationstar Mortg., LLC vs. Saticoy Bay LLC Series 2227 Shadow Canyon, 133 Nev. Advance Opinion 92, 405 P. 3rd 641 (Nov. 2017)

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