Recorded Deeds & Real Property Transfer Tax Statements of Value

7/31/03DEEDDel Webb to Gordon & Marilyn Hansen, husband & wife
7/31/03SOVSale price $388.311.02, RPTT $971.25
6/11/04DEEDMarilyn Hansen to Gordon Hansen, an unmarried man
6/11/04SOVRPTT exemption 5 “pursuant to decree of divorce
8/27/08DEEDGordon Hansen to the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, dated 8/22/08
8/27/08SOVRPTT exemption 7 “transfer without consideration to or from a trust
8/22/14DEEDSun City Anthem foreclosure to Opportunity Homes, LLC
8/22/14SOVSales price $63,100; RPTT Value $353,529; RPTT paid $1,805.40 .
8/22/14RPTT REFUND2/23/15 RPTT refund per exemption 3
Proof of notification for HOA foreclosure provided” on 2/23/15
See Clark County Recorder’s Office Declaration of Value Instructions
Exemption 3 – “Recognize true status – show complete explanation on Declaration of Value Form
6/9/15DEEDOpportunity Homes, LLC to F. Bondurant, LLC

See 150604 Debra Batsel notary journal entries (page 6-7). Hong did not disclose any purchase or sales agreements involving F. Bondurant LLC or Jimijack.
6/9/15SOVSales price $270,000; RPTT $1,377.00
6/9/15DEEDF. Bondurant, LLC to Joel and Sandra Stokes as Trustees of Jimijack Irrevocable Trust
6/9/15NRS 111.345Jimijack deed is void and lacks legal capacity to transfer title.
See 1/17/17 Tobin DECL re notary violations.
6/9/15SOVSales price $270,000; RPTT $1,377.00
3/28/17DEEDGordon B. Hansen Trust, dated 8/22/08 to Nona Tobin, an Individual, a single person
See Tobin deed page 2 “Close of the trust and assign interest to the sole beneficiary
3/28/17SOVRPTT Exemption 7 “out of trust, close trust, without consideration
NRS 163.187NRS 163.187  Termination of trust when value of trust property insufficient to justify cost of administration.
      1.  After notice to the beneficiaries, the trustee of a trust that consists of trust property having a total value of less than $100,000 or that is uneconomical to administer may terminate the trust if the trustee concludes that the value of the trust property is insufficient to justify the cost of administration. This subsection does not apply to an interested trustee.

5(b) “Interested trustee” means:
(1) An individual trustee to whom the net income or principal of the trust can currently be distributed or would be distributed if the trust were then to terminate and be distributed.
(2) Any trustee who may be removed and replaced by an interested distributee.
(3) An individual trustee whose legal obligation to support a beneficiary may be satisfied by distributions of income and principal of the trust.
5/1/19DEEDJoel and Sandra Stokes as Trustees of Jimijack Irrevocable Trust to Joel Stokes, an individual
5/1/19SOVTotal Value $406,580; RPTT exemption 7 “a transfer of title from a trust without consideration to some individual
12/27/19DEEDSandra Stokes to Joel Stokes
12/27/19SOVRPTT exemption 5 “spouse to spouse without consideration
12/27/19DEEDJoel Stokes, an individual, to Brian & Debora Chiesti.
12/27/19SOVSales price $505,000; RPTT $2,575.50