Preliminary Title Reports

8/7/12 Preliminary Title Report

Ticor Title for Sparkman escrow

Link to full 8/7/12 title report

The 8/7/12 report correctly lists how the title was vested on 8/7/12:

“Gordon Hansen, as Trustee of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, dated 8/22/08,

as amended or restated, or his successors”



8/27/08 Deed from Gordon Hansen to GBH Trust

See 8/27/08 Deed



3/6/14 Preliminary Title Report

 Chicago Title for Red Rock Regional Investments (RRRI) escrow

Link to full 3/6/14 Chicago Title Preliminary Title Report

2/25/14 escrow #14025123-141


Notes regarding 3/6/14 Title Report – critical errors

The report missed two deeds that were acknowledged on the 2012 report above.

6/11/04 Deed in divorce settlement

On Page 2, the 3/6/14 report erroneously states that title was vested as of 3/6/14 , in the name of Gordon B. and Marilyn Hansen, Husband and Wife, as Joint Tenants. Title ceased to be vested in the name of the married couple when they divorced.

Marilyn Hansen recorded on 6/11/04 that she had granted to Gordon her community property interest as part of the divorce settlement.

See 6/11/04 deed Marilyn Hansen to Gordon Hansen.

8/27/08 Deed transferring the property into the GBH Trust

On 8/27/08, Gordon Hansen transferred the property into the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, dated 8/22/08.

On 3/6/14, title was still held in the name of Gordon Hansen, Trustee of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, dated 8/27/08, or his successors as it was correctly identified in the 8/7/12 report.

The deed recorded on 8/27/08 had not been superseded at the time of this 3/6/14 report as no other deed had been recorded between 8/27/08 and 3/6/14.


3/6/14 Title Report Critical Error

On Page 7 # 20, Chicago Title questioned the validity of the 6/11/04 quit claim from Marilyn to Gordon

Page 7 of 3/6/14 Chicago Title Preliminary Title Report

Other errors in the 3/6/14 Preliminary Title report

These may have no significance, but that one of Tobin’s claims is that the foreclosure deed relied on a rescinded 3/12/13 Notice of Default.

See 4/3/13 rescission of 3/12/13 NODES.

#24. The 12/14/12 Lien for Delinquent Assessments is not a Notice of Default. The 2/12/14 Notice of 3/7/14 Sale is not a Notice of Default. Chicago Title missed the Notice of Default and Election to Sell that was recorded 4/8/13 after the 3/12/13 NODES was rescinded (rescission was recorded on 4/3/13.




Title Report for 12/26/19 Stokes to Chiesti sale has not been produced

On 1/30/20, Tiffany Perez asked her chain of command, Denise Waugh to Equity Title V-P, Jon Morgan, to review whether to give a Preliminary Title Report to Craig Leidy.

Note that Berkshire Hathaway (where Craig Leidy hangs his license under Forrest Barbee)  owns 40% of Equity Title.

Berkshire Hathaway did not produce any preliminary title reports done by Equity Title in its response to Tobin subpoena on 2/4/19. It seems like they should have done one in 2015 or 2016.  Jimijack entered into a contract of sale with Debora and Jesse James on 10/19/15 according to BHHS 013. Kristen Madden, BHHS realtor under Forrest Barbee was the buyer’s agent. Robert Goldmith represented Joel and Sandra Stokes.

BHHS also did not produce the 3/6/14 title report done for the RRRI escrow or the 3/28/14 demand from RRFS or any Equator records.

See BHHS 001-283

On 2/3/20, Jon Morgan replied listing the facts, and said that he was reluctant to provide a full Prelim at this time unless it was really needed.


Equity Title wants the issue to be handled as a claim against Driggs Title.

Escrow No. 19-11-120779JH  closed 12/27/19 Joel Stokes to Brian and Deborah Chiesti

Driggs Title Agency,

7900 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 160

Las Vegas 89117-7920,

(602) 589-5300 (Phoenix number)