Deeds, DOTs, NOLPs, LISPs, ROLPs & Orders

7/22/04On 7/15/04, Hansen executed the disputed DOT, recorded on 7/22/04

See 7/15/04 Hansen DOT
8/27/08See 8/27/08 Deed Gordon Hansen to GBH Trust, dated 8/22/08
1/12/16Notice of Lis Pendens (NOLP) filed by Wright Finley & Zak, LLC (WFZ ) into A-16730078-C on 1/12/16.

See NOLP 1/12/16 NSM-filed Notice of Lis Pendens
8/22/14See 8/22/14 Foreclosure Deed Sun City Anthem to Opportunity Homes, LLC
6/4/15See 6/4/15 Deed Opportunity Homes, LLC to F. Bondurant LLC, recorded 6/9/15
6/8/15See 6/8/15 Deed F. Bondurant LLC to Jimijack Irrevocable Trust, recorded 6/9/15

See Tobin 1/17/17 DECL re no notary record of Jimijack’s deed recorded on 6/9/15.
1/13/16Wright Finley & Zak, LLC (WFZ) recorded a Lis Pendens (LISP for NSM re A-16-730078-C NSM vs Opportunity Homes, LLC on 1/13/16.

See LISP 1/13/16 NSM-recorded Lis Pendens
6/3/16On 6/3/16, Nationstar (NSM) filed a notice of lis pendens (NOLP) into A-15-720032-C.

See NOLP 6/3/16 NSM-filed Lis Pendens
6/7/16Wright Finley Zak recorded LISP for NSM re A-15-720032-C when its motion to intervene was granted.

Jimijack had not recorded a Lis Pendens on the case Joel and Sandra Stokes had initiated a year earlier.

See LISP 6/7/16 NSM-recorded Lis Pendens
6/7/16Judge Kishner signed an order denying NSM’s motion to set aside the 10/16/15 default judgment against BANA “and its assignees”.

See 10/16/15 JDDF vs BANA, recorded on 12/1/15

The 6/7/16 order also denied NSM’s motion to substitute itself as the real party in interest for BANA

See 6/7/16 Order that granted NSM’s motion to intervene into A-720032-C.
3/28/17See 3/28/17 Deed GBH Trust to Nona Tobin, an individual

See Tobin deed page 2 “Close of the trust and assign interest to the sole beneficiary
4/30/19Coppedge filed NOLP into A-15720032-C for GBH trust and Tobin as an individual. Hong was served on 4/30/19, the day before Joel Stokes took the property out of the Jimijack’s name

This swift move allowed Joel Stokes to remove Jimijack;s inadmissible deed from consideration by the court at the 6/5/19 trial and to transfer title into his name as an individual before the 5/6/19 Tobin Lis Pendens was recorded the following Monday.

See 4/30/19 NOLP Tobin-filed Notice of Lis Pendens
5/1/19Joel and Sandra Stokes as Trustees of Jimijack Irrevocable Trust to Joel Stokes, an individual

See 5/1/19 Deed Jimijack to Joel Stokes, an individual

See Jimijack’s annotated inadmissible 6/9/15 deed
5/6/19Coppedge recorded re A-15-720032-C for GBH Trust and Tobin as an individual

See LISP Tobin 5/6/19 recorded Lis Pendens
On 5/21/19, Joel Stokes executed a $355,000 DOT,
recorded on 5/23/19, encumbering the property for a personal debt two weeks before the 6/5/19 trial.

Borrower See page 1, 3rd paragraph
Joel A. Stokes,
4971 Fiore Bella Blvd,
Las Vegas 89135

Lender See Page 1, last paragraph
Civic Financial Services, LLC organized under laws of California
2015 Manhattan Beach Blvd, no city or zip on DOT
(Redondo Beach CA 920278 (310) 640-3070 )

Promissory note See Page 2, 4th paragraph

Borrower (Joel Stokes) has promised to pay interest on this debt in regular periodic payments and to pay the debt in full no later than June 1, 2020.

Trustee See # 2, bottom of page 2
Boston National Title Insurance Agency LLC
15 75 Delucchi Lane suite 115 Unit 29
Reno Washoe 89502

Trustee Power of Sale See top of Page 3

For this purpose, Borrower irrevocably grants and conveys to Trustee, in trust, with power of sale, the following described property...”

See 5/21/19 Stokes- CFS DOT, recorded on 5/23/19.

Neither the 5/1/19 Jimijack to Joel Stokes deed nor the 5/21/19 Stokes $355,000 encumbrance on the property were communicated to the Court at the 5/21/19 status check of the Jimijack-NSM “settlement”.

See 5/21/19 minutes
See 5/21/19 transcript
See 5/21/19 annotated transcript
5/28/19Joel Stokes recorded on 5/28/19 ROLP, a release of NSM’s 6/7/16 recorded Lis Pendens.

Neither Joel Stokes, an Individual, nor Joel & Sandra Stokes as trustees of Jimijack Irrevocable Trust ever recorded a Lis Pendens.

See 5/28/19 LISP Stokes-recorded Release of NSM Lis Pendens

See LISP 6/7/16 NSM-recorded Lis Pendens released by Stokes, not by NSM
6/3/19On 6/3/19, NSM released the disputed 7/15/04 Hansen DOT
…as if the outstanding balance had been paid off, but being silent on the recitals.

NSM removed the lien created by disputed Hansen 7/15/04 Western Thrift DOT.

See 6/3/19 NSM Substitution of Trustee and Full Re-conveyance.

On 2/6/19, the assignee of CFS re-conveyed the property two months after Stokes allegedly paid off his 5/23/19 DOT, and more than a month after Driggs insured the title so Chisesti could get a new $353,500 Quicken Loan.

See Chiesti 12/26/19 $353,500 Quicken Loan DOT.

6/3/19On 6/3/19 at the Calendar Call for the 6/5/19 trial, the Court issued the bench order that the only parties to participate in the trial would be the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, Jimijack and Yuen Lee/F. Bondurant, LLC.

See 6/3/19 calendar call minutes.
See 6/3/19 calendar call transcripts.
See 6/3/19 annotated transcripts
6/24/19Judge Kishner signed trial order against GBH Trust that included expunging the 5/6/19 Lis Pendens that was recorded on behalf of Nona Tobin, an individual, and Nona Tobin, trustee of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust

See 6/5/19 trial day 1 minutes
See 6/5/19 trial day 1 transcript
See 6/6/19 trial day 2 minutes
See 6/6/19 trial day 2 transcript
See 6/17/19 MINV
See 6/21/19 Tobin DECL
See 6/28/19 Hong OPPM
6/24/19Joel Stokes, an individual, held the recorded interest of Jimijack at the time of the 6/5/19 trial and the 6/24/19 order.

On 6/24/19 NEO, the order was entered that adjudicated the claims of Nona Tobin, trustee of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust vs. Joel and Sandra Stokes, trustees of the Jimijack Irrevocable Trust.
See 5/1/19 Deed Jimijack to Joel Stokes, an individual

Nona Tobin, an individual, held the recorded interest of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, at the time of the trial.

See 3/28/17 Deed GBH Trust to Nona Tobin, an Individual,

The Gordon B. Hansen Trust was closed on 3/28/17.

See Tobin deed page 2 “Close of the trust and assign interest to the sole beneficiary
7/10/19Akerman recorded NSM’s release of NSM’s 1/13/16 LISP related to case A-16-730078-C on 7/10/19.

See ROLP 7/10/19 NSM Release of NSM-recorded 1/13/16 Lis Pendens

See released 1/13/16 NSM-recorded Lis Pendens
7/24/19Hong recorded 6/24/19 trial order to expunge 5/6/19 GBH Trust/Tobin LISP

See 7/24/19 recording of 6/24/19 order.
See Tobin 8/7/19 filed, but not recorded, Notice of Lis Pendens
37 pages
8/8/19See 8/8/19 LISP Tobin recorded a Lis Pendens for two appeals and A799890
8/8/19SCA filed an 8/8/19 motion to strike Tobin’s 8/7/19 NOLP from the A-15-720032-C record. This motion was unwarranted :

1) SCA had no interest in the title to the property,
2) Tobin’s 8/7/19 NOLP related to a new complaint (A-19-799890-C) that had been filed in a different judicial department (22 not 31) and
3)Tobin’s 8/7/19 NOLP provided notice that two appeals had been filed that had the potential to overturn the 6/24/19 order in A-15-720032-C.
See Tobin LISP, 7-page recorded Lis Pendens document 20190614-0003083
See LISP Tobin 39 page recorded Lis Pendens document 20190614-0003084
9/3/19Judge Kishner in A720032 (Dept 31) granted SCA’s 8/8/19 motion to strike from the A-15-720032-C record Tobin’s 8/7/19 NOLP with attached (A-799890-C (Dept 22)) complaint
11/22/19NEO 11/22/19 order from the 9/3/19 hearing that granted expunging Tobin’s 8/8/14 recorded Lis Pendens as if that is what SCA’s motion had been.

SCA’s 8/8/19 motion was to strike from the A-15-720032-C record Tobin’s 8/7/19 NOLP with attached (A-799890-C (Dept 22)) complaint.

SCA has never had any title interest in the property to protect.

See SCA 8/7/19 “Sun City Anthem Community Association’s Counter-motion to strike Notice of Lis Pendens with attached complaint”

However, the 11/22/19 order (Pg 5, lines 2-3) states

It is hereby adjudged, ordered and decreed that the motion to expunge the lis pendens is granted.”
11/22/19By expunging the Tobin 8/8/19 recorded Lis Pendens, Judge Kishner (Dept 31) granted a motion that wasn’t made.
See 12/3/19 recording of 11/22/19 order that erroneously expunged Tobin’s 8/8/19 LISP
12/27/19 deed transferred title from Joel Stokes, an individual, to Brian & Deborah Chiesti after Sandra Stokes quit claimed her community property interest to Joel Stokes at the same time on 12/27/19.

See 12/27/19 deed Sandra to Joel Stokes.

See 12/27/19 deed Joel Stokes to Chiesti
12/27/19Despite the order recorded on 7/24/19 to expunge the 5/6/19 Tobin Lis Pendens (LISP) and 12/3/19 recording of the 11/22/19 order to expunge Tobin’s 8/8/19 LISP, there were still two valid Lis Pendens, both recorded on 8/14/19, valid and on the record on 12/27/19 when Brian & Deborah Chiesti took title.

See 8/14/17 LISP 7-page document 20190814-003083

See 8/14/19 LISP 39-pages document 20190814-003084
2/6/20See 2/6/20 Morgan Stanley Substitution of Trustee
2/6/20See 2/6/20 Morgan Stanley Full Re-conveyance